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Irish Mosaics. Creating the impeccable beauty of imperfection
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Welcome to Irish Mosaics

Irish mosaics are carrying on a tradition of art mosaic design and assembly in Roscommon which was started by John Crean. He brought mosaic artists over from Italy to start up a mosaic business which exported fabulous mosaics all over the world.

Mosaic, one of the oldest art forms is today enjoying a resurgence of interest and for good reason. Using a wide range of materials, ceramics, glass, marble, stone, metal, etc, it is possible to create works of great beauty and practicality.

Modern architects and designers find that mosaic can bring distinction to architecture and furnishings whether it be used in churches ,big city buildings, in schools or in home decor.

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Michael Kilroe | Director Irish Mosaics

"Mosaic tiles, the fine & delicate art of a million pieces"

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